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The Tarzan Collection 1955-60 (DVD) Warner Archive


Gordon Scott’s literate, intelligent Tarzan (much as Edgar Rice Burroughs intended) is regarded as one of the best. Complete collection. TARZAN’S HIDDEN JUNGLE (1955) Gordon Scott makes his debut as Tarzan takes on a team of hunters posing as a film crew. TARZAN’S FIGHT FOR LIFE (1957) Tarzan is captured by a witch doctor looking for the heart of a lion – or a jungle lord – for a tribal ceremony. TARZAN AND THE LOST SAFARI (1957) Tarzan’s first color film sees him helping stranded high-society travelers. TARZAN AND THE TRAPPERS (1958) Tarzan takes on poachers and plunderers in this film culled together from three episodes of an intended TV series. TARZAN’S GREATEST ADVENTURE (1959) Considered one of the best of all of Tarzan’s film exploits, Greatest Adventure also features Sean Connery as the villain! TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT (1960) Scott’s final swing as Tarzan includes a climactic brawl with Jock Mahoney, the next actor to play Tarzan.

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