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The Time Machine (Blu-Ray+DVD) Premium Ltd


Here today, gone to tomorrow. When George (Rod Taylor) sits at the controls of his new creation, he has all the time in the world. He’s invented a Time Machine that whisks him from 1899 to war-ravaged moments of the 20th century and into 802701. In that far-off era, passive Eloi face a grim future as prey to the glow-eyed subterranean Morlocks…unless the time-traveling stranger from the past intervenes. At the controls of the movie of H.G. Wells’ classic The Time Machine (now digitally restored and remastered and in remixed Dolby Stereo) is effects trailblazer George Pal, whose features and short films won a combined seven Oscars and Special Awards. One winner was this beloved adventure loaded with visual marvels from the nuclear destruction of London (complete with lava eruption) to the colorful whirligig of time travel. Afterward, Time Machine: The Journey Back reteams Taylor, Alan Young and Whit Bissell to recount the making of the film, the legacy of moviemaker Pal and in a poignant episode, a reunion of George and Filby (Young) penned by The Time Machine screenwriter David Duncan.

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