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Umberto Lenzi, the legendary director of Cannibal Ferox, kicked off the Italian police film craze with this hyper-kinetic, ultra-violent, brain-blasting action thriller. Maurizio Merli stars as an Italian Dirty Harry, punching and shooting his way through the sleazy drug, sex, and crime infested cesspool of mid-’70s Rome, on the trail of a sadistic, machine gun-toting hunchback, played by Tomas Milian (Brother’s Till We Die).

Boasting a state-of-the-art 4K transfer of Lenzi‘s uncensored director’s cut, the new edition of The Tough Ones includes an incredible slate of special features and a “Grindhouse Version” of the US Brutal Justice release.

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Special Features

Limited Edition Rigid Slipcase with brand-new artwork by Thomas Walker
40-page perfect-bound book featuring an interview with Umberto Lenzi by Eugenio Ercolani
Double-sided fold-out Poster DISC 1 Brand-new 4K Restoration of the film from the original camera negative

High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the film
English & Italian DTS-HD MA Mono 2.0
English Subtitles
Audio Commentary with Critic Kim Newman and Film-maker Sean Hogan
Audio Commentary with Eurocrime Director Mike Malloy
Standing Out – An Interview with Actor Corrado Solari
Funk and Violence – An Interview with Composer Franco Micalizzi
Men of Violence – An Interview with Actress Maria Rosario Omaggio
A Family Affair – An Interview with Maurizio Matteo Merli
Fast and Furious – An Interview with Stuntman Ottaviano Dell’Acqua
Budy’s Story – An Interview with Composer Roberto Donati
Armed to the Teeth – An Interview with Director Umberto Lenzi
Alternate Italian Credits Sequence
Original Trailer

USA Brutal Justice Cut (Grindhouse Presentation)
Aquarius Releasing – An Appreciation: By Mike Malloy




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