The World The Flesh and the Devil (Blu-ray) Warner Archive


Millions Flee from Cities! End of the World! From a Manhattan skyscraper, Ralph Burton (Harry Belafonte) surveys the emptiness announced by that chilling newspaper headline. Nuclear doomsday has come. Ralph is sure he is the last person alive. Then, a woman (Inger Stevens) appears and the two form a cautious friendship thats threatened when a third survivor (Mel Ferrer) arrives. Unlike other postapocalyptic thrillers, from The Time Machine to I Am Legend, there are no external monsters to battle here. Instead, the monsters fear, intolerance, jealousy lurk inside the all-too human beings. And heightening the intensity of writer/director Ranald MacDougall s suspenseful and unsettling movie are stunning vistas of unpopulated New York: vast, empty and soulless.

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