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Variete (Blu-ray+DVD) Eureka


A key work of German silent cinema and an international smash on its release, E. A. Dupont’s Variety (Varieté) is an audacious revenge melodrama set under the canvas of the big top.

When Boss Huller (the iconic Emil Jannings) meets the young émigré Berta-Marie (Lya De Putti), it kindles his desire to relaunch his career as a trapeze artist, stalled due to an injury and the pressures of domestic life. But with passion comes obsession, and with the involvement of the famed Artinelli into their act, tensions rise to a fever pitch.
Visually astonishing, with some of the most inventive camerawork of the 1920s, and a typically intense and vivid central performance from Jannings, Variety is presented here in an all-new restoration of the original German version.

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Special Features

New 2015 high-definition digital restoration by the FWMS
A selection of three scores, from Stephen Horne, Johannes Contag and The Tiger Lillies
PCM audio on the Blu-ray
Optional English subtitles for the German intertitles
The complete American version of the film
PLUS: A booklet featuring new writing on the film and archival images