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Vietnam War (Walter Cronkite) (DVD)


For decades the war in Vietnam was the central drama on the stage of Southeast Asia. It was an intensely publicized war, the first television war that came roaring into the living rooms of America every night. Walter Cronkite tells the story of the long and divisive conflict as seen through the eyes of CBS News. Dan Rather, Morley Safer and Ed Bradley report the stories of American courage, failed programs, an elusive enemy and ltimately an end to a tragic war. It is all graphically shown in these superb CBS documentaries which tell the story of the most divisive war in American history and its effect on those who fought it.


Courage Under Fire: This is an unforgettable portrait of the soldiers who faced death on a daily basis, featuring remarkable combat footage from the first American offensive via the incursion into Cambodia.

The World of Charlie Company: Join the men of Charlie Company on a mission in Cambodia in 1970. A memorable insight into the inner conflict of the soldiers? personal view set against the realities of jungle combat.

America Takes Charge: The arrival of the first American ground troops is followed by a massive build up of US forces as the war becomes Americanized.

The Seeds of Conflict: This programme chronicles America’s growing entanglement in Vietnam. Watch as the United States becomes mired in an escalating war for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people.


Tet!: The Tet holiday offensive was a coordinated and decisive attack on more than one hundred cities throughout South Vietnam that left America stunned.

Fire From The Sky: Watch as the helicopter shares the sky with the screaming jet fighters. Follow a bombing mission over North Vietnam from the pre-flight briefing all the way to the target.

Dateline: Saigon: A portrait of Saigon, the teeming and sordid wartime capitol of South Vietnam, now renamed Ho Chi Minh City, ten years after the war.

The Elusive Enemy: Filmed mostly by the Viet Cong, take an inside look at the weapons and tactics of the elusive and resourceful enemy.


America Pulls Back: A shocking story of poor morale, drug use and innocent victims of a brutal war as America struggles for a way out, the so-called ‘peace with honour’.

The End Of The Road: Walk the Ho Chi Minh trail and witness the final offensive against the South. As Saigon falls, you will see the last tragic act in a long and divisive war.

Legacies: Go with the veterans and people that lived through the conflict to revisit the places and memories of a distant but unforgotten war.

A Nation Divided: Revisit the passions and the politics of the Vietnam War era through the reportage of Harry Reasoner, Morley Safer, Ike Pappas and other veteran CBS News correspondents.

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