Wallander Collected Films 27-32 (DVD)


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Based on the books by best-selling author Henning Mankell, with ‘The Troubled Man’ being adapted from the novel of the same-name, Krister Henriksson is back as Kurt Wallander for one final series.

An investigation with ties to the Cold War involving his own relatives in The Troubled Man’ and a case of a missing eight year old who disappears on her way to school in ‘Missing’ where we see Kurt back from a work suspension and keen to get back to normality. Kurt may be back in familiar territory but his close colleague, Martinsson, starts to notice that Kurt is forgetting what he is doing more and more, while his daughter Linda seems to be in denial about his declining health. As Kurt begins to accept that he has a problem, finally seeking the advice of his doctor, he attempts to hide his frightening diagnosis from his friends and relatives and carry on as best he can with the cases at hand.

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